DME BioEnergy Plant

ME's production facility is located in Prince Edward Island with 30,000 square feet of production capacity, with the latest technology used in design and fabrication equipment.

Plant facilities include individual work stations with an ergonomically friendly placement of hoists, manipulators, power tools and "source capture" dust removal.

The plant utilizes the latest technologies in mig, tig, stick and plasma resistance welding and cutting. DME also utilizes the latest laser cutting capabilities for precision. Our welders have on average 25 years of experience for producing aesthetically pleasing and sanitary weld finishes on all of our vessels and equipment.

Our quality control department ensures extensive parameters for product quality, inspection and pressure testing capabilities, prior to delivery to our customers. DME is a code shop under CSA B51-97 / ASME Section VIII, Division 1 for the design and manufacture of pressure vessels. Additionally, DME utilizes an internally developed QA program to ensure the non-registered, and non registered portions of fabricated vessels meet the requirements of the designs. This includes material traveller sheets, and vessel inspection reports.

Raw material warehousing includes a primary fabrication area featuring all equipment required for cutting and shaping material prior to assembly / finish and a complete finished goods storage area.