About DME Brewing Services

Established in 1991 DME has secured its presence in the brewing industry with over 600 successful brewing projects, ranging in size from 5 Barrel Brewpubs to 150 Barrel Regional Breweries. Custom designed, engineered and built with detailed precision, DME brewing systems are built to order and built to last.
Over the past 24 years DME has gained a reputation for its high quality products which are designed and fabricated with detailed craftsmanship to meet customer’s specific system requirements, then delivered on time & on budget.
Through our “Profitable Solutions Delivered” approach, DME remains a customer-focused organization and our extensive experience in the industry allows us to be responsive to our customer’s needs throughout each project.
DME project teams are assembled to bring the proper skill sets to successfully meet the unique demands of each customer. Specialists in materials selection, project management, engineering, equipment design, process evaluation, efficiency optimization and relevant CAD services are available to work with all of our customers. These project teams insist on establishing clear lines of communication to deliver equipment and engineering support accurately and professionally. DME’s integrated approach minimizes installation, startup and operation costs.
Quality Assurance specialists work with engineering and manufacturing personnel to ensure that certifications, traceability, procedures, inspections and testing are properly maintained and documented throughout.