Our Approach

DME's approach to each project has been designed to offer our customers the opportunity to capitalize on DME's expertise and to establish an avenue for close communication to ensure proper planning is completed on the front end of the project. This extra planning ensures correct and detailed system configuration, provides concrete P & ID drawings and utility drawings to get a clear estimate of site buildout and commissioning costs, and to explore system configuration options which could reduce total brewery equipment expenditures. In summary, proper planning on the front end can save 10 - 15% of project costs resulting from unknown variables.

DME Ltd. approaches each project with expertise in engineering, design, manufacturing, project management, installation, commissions, and start-up. DME prides itself on providing a strong "solution" to each and every one of its international customers.

The DME Approach

  • Deliver profitable solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Assemble a team of appropriate personnel to provide the optimal solution.
  • Fabricate and provide first rate quality equipment.
  • Guaranteed operational efficiencies and performance targets.
  • Guaranteed on time delivery
  • Leading 3 year warranty on fabricated items.
  • Exceptionally strong post sale service.
  • Establish ourselves as our customers' long term,risk reducing partner by providing:
  • Strong hands-on service program to ensure optimal design and efficient start-up.
  • Direct and clear project management communication
  • Long term relationship focus.
  • Attractive preferential expansion package for existing customers.
  • Top quality equipment value investment.

The single biggest strength within DME is its people. Our skilled tradesmen, engineers, marketing and administration departments are totally committed to customer service and quality standards unmatched within our chosen sectors.

DME has an experienced management team and staff. Our approach is that if our customers are not totally satisfied after their project is complete, we have not succeeded.