Our Services

Concept to Completion

DME is celebrating its 20th year in business, as a customer-focused organization, we are responsive to our customers needs throughout their project, from first discussions through commissioning and follow up.

The DME Project Plan

Following are the steps DME follows once a project is commenced.

1. Assignment of a Project ManagerOur Project Manager will review your concept, design, sizing and layouts. At this stage we will review your drawings (if available) or we will make available a generic drawing layout for the size and scope of brewing operation you are considering.

2. Process flow developmentThis will include such things as pump and heat exchanger sizing, pipe sizing, steam, cooling, and electrical requirements and instrumentation options.

3. AutomationDME will review the level of automation required and make recommendations based on the unique demands of your business plan. Specifications on automation equipment will be made available to you.

4. Customized schematic / utility AutoCAD drawingsDME's engineering department will provide customized utility drawings to assist with site development and subcontractor support and allow you to get a number of build out bids. These drawings will be based on your site drawings and site inspection details.

5. Customized fabrication drawingsBefore fabrication begins, DME will provide the customer with proposed fabrication drawings for all of the fabricated equipment. The equipment will be engineered with consideration to DME’s high quality standards and for guaranteed operational efficiencies and performance targets. The customer will have the opportunity to sign off on all of these drawings before fabrication begins.

6. Project statusThe Project Manager is responsible for all aspects of your project within DME. He is your one point of contact for any questions you may have regarding the on-going status of your project.

7. On-time deliveryDME will give you an estimated shipment date when you place an order. Every effort will be made to honor this shipment date.

8. Strong post sales supportDME has been producing brewery equipment for over 15 years and has several employees with over 10 years of experience. We pride ourselves in being able to support our customers long past the brewery commissioning date.

Process Engineered Solutions

  • Integrated process systems are designed, fabricated, pre-piped, wired and tested at our facility to minimize the cost of startup and commissioning.
  • Capability to handle systems from small single vessels, to skid mounted systems to large multiple tank process systems. When you buy DME equipment you receive personalized service from your dedicated Project Manager. Equipment solutions are fabricated with detailed craftsmanship and at a competitive price.

DME has built its reputation on quality products and quality service. DME offers pre-sale assistance programs for the majority of projects it undertakes. DME also offers one of the strongest post-sale programs in the industry for spare parts and warranty service. Other services include technical advisory services, design and supply of process equipment, process and instrumentation diagrams, feasibility studies, and performance/payback calculations.

For each project that DME undertakes, a project team is assembled with the proper skill set to meet each customer's specific demands. Specialists in materials selection, project management, engineering, equipment design, process evaluation, efficiency optimization and relevant CAD services are all included.

DME has also developed packaged service programs for specific industrial sectors, both at the pre-sale and post-sale customer level.

DME believes in establishing clear lines of communication, aimed at delivering equipment and associated services with no surprises.

Engineering & Fabrication


  • Registered Professional Engineers
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Vessel Design
  • Pressure / vacuum
  • Heat transfer / temperature control
  • Seismic considerations
  • Process System Design
  • Integration of Process Systems
  • Controls and Automation


  • High Quality sanitary fabrication in stainless steel, titanium,hastelloy, and other exotic alloys
  • Full Documentation for GMP validation
  • CSA B51 & ASME welding procedures
  • Mechanical & electro-polishing to 3 - 6 Ra microinches
  • Tube bending & Rolling
  • GTAW, GMAW, resistance and orbital welding
  • Repair / re-fit services
  • System integration / modular systems
  • Custom Design & Fabrication