• 30,000 sq. ft production facility
  • CRN Design Registration
  • National Board Certificate of Authorization for Pressure Vessel
  • Process design
  • Orbital welding
  • CSA B51 vessels to ASME Section VIII, Div 1
  • ASME B31.3 process piping
  • Complete, flexible design/build engineering team
  • Total project management
  • Specializing in skid systems
  • Additional capacity with strategic alliances
  • Shop and Field Services

Design – Counter Tops
Most stainless steel counter tops are applied to a wood substrate in a similar process to laminate countertops. Usual thickness of the stainless steel top is 16 gauge for residential and up to 12 gauge for commercial.

As with all counter top designs, the basics are A. length, B. width, and C. thickness.

More complex designs can include right angles and curved edges.

Integral back splashes can be another added dimension.

Common front edge designs. Basic.

Front edge relief.

Marine Edge.

Handrails & Railing Systems

Handrails Handrails can be produced in a variety of designs and shapes, the most common of which are either 1 ½” round or square stainless steel tubing. Along with design and shape, the proper grade of material is also important. Typically Grade 304 is used for interior use while 316L is often recommended for exterior use where items will be exposed to weather. To ensure a smooth, seamless finish a joints are welded and depending on customer preference, can be polished smooth or left as laid.
A number of finishes are also available, from a basic unidirectional finish to an extra polished mirror finish. Intermediate barriers too can include many different styles including square, round, or rectangle stainless steel tubing, solid glass or a stainless steel cable rail system. With so many options, the customer can customize the handrails to their own unique specifications.

Cable Rails Cable rails offer a sleek, ultra modern look to any stair or handrail system. Featuring cables made of strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel, the systems are designed and built to stand up to the harshest environments. Hardware can be fixed to almost any material, including wood and tubular steel offering functional versatility for the customer. If a cable rail system is part of your construction project, please contact us for information on specific hardware and available systems.

Stair Systems

Traditional & Contemporary Whether you desire a traditional straight or split level stair or a contemporary curved or spiral stair, DME stainless steel staircases create a stunning focal point in any space. Working with contractors and customers, our design team can model a stair system to fit the most exact specifications ensuring nothing less than a perfect fit every time.

3D Modeling

Overview Our powerful 3-D modeling can let you view your complex projects before they ever hit the production floor. The images can be twisted, rotated, cut in half, and blown up to see the smallest of details then tweaked to make sure they look exactly as you envision. Modeling also helps to avoid costly changes, saving time and materials for the customer.


Overview DME stainless steel décor products can come in a variety of finishes from a #4 which is a ground unidirectional finish that is not highly reflective but a good general purpose finish on components which will suffer from fairly rough handling in service.


A #2 finish is obtained in the milling of sheet material when it is passed between polished rolls to create a bright semi reflective surface for a more industrial look.

Orbital finish

Another popular finish is an orbital finish, where we can create a matt, semi reflective finish using orbital buffers. This finish is random but uniform and can be recreated in the field if repairs or deep scratches need to be removed. Regardless of what finish is used, over time and with use the finish will actually change slightly as small hairline scratches create a patina that give each surface its own unique and desired look.